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The long established and well respected REACT
  (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams)
 in Central Oklahoma are;



"REACT is an Independent, Incorporated, Non-profit, Tax Exempt, Volunteer, Emergency Communications, Public Service Civic Organization"

Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams are volunteers who are organized internationally and use Citizens Band (CB) radios to provide public service communications for travelers and their local communities. REACT Teams use their radios to monitor Citizens Band Radio Emergency Channel 9 in the interest of safety. REACT Teams also provide communications in response to emergencies and for community events. 

Our member teams in their local communities, work public service events and an untold number of small local emergencies ranging from single family house fires, multi-unit apartment fires, brush fires, chemical spills, and train derailments, to assisting during shelter operations by the Red Cross, Salvation Army or other agencies during floods, and of course our relentless monitoring of Emergency CB Channel 9.


Besides our use of CB-9 and Amateur Radio, many REACT Teams also use radios called General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and have access to local repeaters. 

Oklahoma County REACT owns and operates a sophisticated UHF radio system, providing reliable communications within a 45 mile radius of Oklahoma City.

OU REACT owns and operates a sophisticated UHF radio system capable of handheld communications over a 15 mile radius of Norman, and mobile communications for over 45 miles.

Each of the teams has an working agreement to use each others systems. This extends the capabilities and provides a backup communications system.

In addition, The Oklahoma County Team also owns a 14 foot mobile command trailer equipped with a mobile repeater and power generator, allowing emergency communications anywhere the Oklahoma County REACTers are called.


All team members receive ongoing training in the areas of communications, severe weather observation, traffic/crowd control, first aid, and emergency management. This training is regularly exercised in the form of participation in community events, along with emergency and disaster response when called.


Oklahoma County REACT # 2620

Oklahoma County Emergency REACT Team # 2620 is a group of dedicated volunteers who serve central Oklahoma with communications assistance and emergency response. Over the years, the team has gained a reputation for getting the job done, whatever the circumstances may be.

REACT team members have provided assistance during events as varied as the Murrah Building bombing, the State Fair of Oklahoma, presidential visits, severe weather spotting, major fires and floods, search and rescue, parades, and races, along with daily assistance to motorists in need of emergency help or information.

REACT provides assistance to many of the local community organizations, including: Special Olympics, March of Dimes, Easter Seals, American Diabetes Association, Society to Prevent Blindness, and many others.

REACTers serve as an integral part of the emergency management team in central Oklahoma. As such, they have a primary responsibility for weather watch and disaster response. Additional response capabilities include damage assessment, secondary communications, evacuation, crowd and traffic control, and Emergency Operations Center and Command Post staffing.

University Of Oklahoma REACT # 3916

The University of Oklahoma REACT Team #3916 is a group of dedicated volunteers who serve the Norman and Moore communities with communications assistance and emergency response.

Formed in 1979 with a core of three OU students and several area citizens, the Team has a legend of getting the job done, whatever the circumstances may be. The Team regularly provides communications, traffic control, and logistics support for many community events including:


Area 01 Special Olympics track and field meet
Arts Classic, Brookhaven, and other Runs;
Norman 89er Day and Christmas Parades;
March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon;
Moore Red Ribbon Parade;
Moore July 4th Festival;
Concert events at the Lloyd Noble Center.
A major fire on Campus Corner in Norman;
The funeral of an Oklahoma City firefighter in Moore;
A search for a missing aircraft in southeastern Oklahoma;
The Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City;
Various weather events including all the tornadoes that struck Moore;
Evidence searches in both Norman and Moore.



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updated: 11 Nov 2018


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